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entry-quote We customized our tiny house model, The Stag, so it's not the typical Stag layout. I think it was delivered the first week in December, so we have owned it for about two and a half months.

There was a small dealership in Graham, Texas, and we located them online and thought they had great cabins. The first thing that we discovered and loved about Leland’s Cabins was that we had the ability to customize a cabin or tiny house. It wasn’t as technical as we thought it would be. Leland’s got the wiring ready so all we had to do was connect.

I would purchase a cabin in a heartbeat! Based on a recommendation of the dealer in Graham, Texas, we decided to drive to a Leland’s Cabin's headquarters in Grandview, Texas. We sat down with their folks and they projected their cabin and tiny house floor plans on a large TV screen where we were able to design exactly what we wanted. We could customize everything, from choosing where we wanted our closets to how big or small we wanted the rooms to be, etc.

We visit weekly! It’s about forty-five minutes from our house, so whenever possible. We are in the process of developing the land and getting it ready for hunting.

We have had a couple of minor issues, and we understand that stuff happens, but what impressed me most about Leland’s Cabins was the speed in which they addressed and took care of the problems. When we contacted them, they immediately answered the phone and sent someone out about four days later. They always took care of the issues with a smile!

Marshall Jeffus

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