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Your Dream Garden Retreat

A Cabin Oasis

Have you ever read The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett? Perhaps you’ve seen the movie. If you haven’t, then beware: spoilers are ahead.

In the story, a young girl’s outlook on life is transformed as she’s drawn into a beautiful garden oasis that was hiding just on the other side of a wall. As she works to return the garden to its former state of glory, she learns how to engage with the world and enjoy the good things around her.

What does this have to do with a cabin oasis, complete with a dream garden?

Sometimes, we all need a project. We need something to work on that produces beauty and results right before our eyes. We need goals, and we need space that we can make our own.

Occasionally, we even need a way to reconnect with right now.

Your Dream Garden Retreat - An Oasis


How many to-do lists do you have constantly revolving on a never-ending loop in your brain? There are the basics you have to take care of, things such as remembering to pay the bills and pick up more shampoo while you’re at the grocery store. Don’t forget about setting something out for dinner, either. Then there are the lists of things that only pop up every once in a while, like filing your taxes and getting your roof checked for hail damage. And adding that dentist appointment to your calendar so you don’t forget to show up.

The list of items you need to complete on any given day seems like it’s ever-growing, taking over more and more of your focus. You find yourself a little dazed and confused when a loved one stops talking and asks you a question, clearly waiting for you to participate in a conversation you haven’t even heard.

Why didn’t you hear it? Because of all the noise in your head.

Your Dream Garden Retreat - Getting Your Hands in the Earth

Clearing Out the Noise

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place you can go to quiet the noise?

Imagine your own secret garden retreat. Some place away from the daily stress and noise—a quiet place you’ve designed—where you are surrounded by your favorite flowers, herbs, shrubs, and plants. Now imagine that beautiful garden retreat includes your own custom built cabin.

Make your dream garden retreat your whole world for long weekends all year long.

Texas Cabin Homes

One of the many great things about Texas is the warm weather. You can grow a variety of herbs, flowers, and shrubs all year long. With a Texas cabin home away from home, you can also bring others to enjoy your secret garden all year long.

Have you looked at The Lodge? It’s the largest of our custom cabins here at Leland’s Cabins. It has three bedrooms—perfect for bringing your loved ones along to spend a long weekend with you. You can reconnect, spending time listening and actually participating in the conversation around you.

There’s a funny thing that happens for our customers when they are enjoying their custom Texas cabin: time tends to become an afterthought. To-do lists fade away.

Your Dream Garden Retreat - A Safe Haven

Working with Leland’s Cabins

“We loved working with everyone at Leland’s Cabins. Steven worked with us to design exactly the cabin we wanted, Karl and Sam made sure things were done correctly, and Mel put the cabin right where we wanted. Leland’s Cabins has a great team who work well together to ensure customer satisfaction. We would definitely work with them again. Friendly, helpful staff and a fantastic cabin.” Those are the words of Leland’s customers Gary and Gale Garrett.

Did you know that we rarely build the same exact cabin twice? While we offer standard models and floor plans, we’re able to offer complete customization because we build everything ourselves here in our Grandview, Texas workshop. That means whatever cabin you’re envisioning for your secret garden retreat, we can build it.

Every cabin starts with a conversation. One of our cabin specialists is here to help. Do you need assistance refining your vision? Do you know exactly what you want? We can help.

We use the latest 3D modeling software to virtually build your cabin right before your eyes, bringing your dream cabin to life. Once it’s been refined to match all of your wants and needs, then we get to work. Start to finish, it only takes about six weeks for us to build your cabin. Six weeks is a perfect time to start envisioning your garden oasis.

Your Dream Garden Retreat - Flowers and Sunshine Heal

Building Your Texas Garden Retreat

Once your cabin is delivered, you can get serious about creating your secret garden. Whether you are an old hand at gardening or looking to make it your newest hobby, there are many resources to help you plan your garden.

Since you’re in Texas and heat is a consideration, think about heat-tolerant plants. You can find a variety of flowering plants that will survive the hot Texas sun. Texas-native plant salvia farinacea (known as “Henry Duelberg”) is a great addition to any garden. The flowering plant attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, adding another touch of beauty to your garden.

Another notable native flowering plant is the Lord Baltimore Hibiscus. With 10-foot-wide blooms, it certainly makes a statement.

As for dealing with other Texas natives—namely mosquitoes and other insects—add in a healthy supply of plants that both repel and attract bugs. Citronella will be good for keeping the mosquitoes away, and basil is great for repelling common house flies and mosquitoes. Look for heat-tolerant trap plants to keep harmful bugs away from the rest of your beautiful plants.

Visit Our Retreat

Come see us in Grandview. We’ll be happy to show you around the largest cabin showroom in Texas. It’s kind of our retreat too. And really, if we wanted to throw a big sleepover, we certainly could since we have one of every model cabin we offer here at our showroom. Schedule your appointment with one of our team members, or drop on by.

Schedule your appointment with one of our team members, or drop on by.

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