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What Cabin Location Fits You and Your Lifestyle?

Creating your perfect Leland’s Cabin experience requires a lot of decisions. From floors to kitchen cabinets to the roof, we want you to select the options and finishes that best fit with your lifestyle. But one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is where you want to spend your time.

Are you looking for a woodsy escape from city living? Or would you prefer to be closer to a small town for restaurants and cultural outings? What about activities like fishing or hiking? Or do you envision using your cabin for more practical purposes like a backyard office?

However you choose to make use of your cabin, our Leland’s design team can help. With nine cabin models to choose from, we’ll match your space and use needs with the finest custom cabins Texas has to offer. But first, you need to decide what location best fits the way you’re going to use your cabin home.

Creating the Perfect Custom Cabin for Your Small Family

Family Vacation Fun

Your cabin might serve as the focus of quality family time. If that’s the case, consider locating it near sites that offer exciting opportunities for fun and adventure. The Guadalupe and Comal rivers in New Braunfels are favorite sites for floatin’, a true Texas pastime. Grab a bright tube and set yourself adrift on one of Texas’ many cold and clear waters. Or try locating your cabin near a site like Hamilton Pool Preserve outside Austin, considered the Lone Star State’s finest watering hole. With limestone rocks towering above, the spring-fed waters offer hours of entertainment.

Consider locating your cabin near state parks to access great hiking and biking trails. They also provide wonderful views, opportunities to engage with nature, and spectacular learning opportunities for city kids. Leland’s largest two cabins — the three-bedroom, two-bath The Lodge and Ponderosa — offer enough separate spaces to keep everyone happy.

Quiet Retreat into Nature

City living can sometimes be too much. Time spent idling in traffic wears on us, and the noise of urban life jars our senses. Add to that the constant grind of 9-to-5 living, and it’s easy to see why we need an escape. This is where Leland’s Cabins comes in with our quality-built cabin retreats.

Find a location that allows you to see the sunrise, and situate your prefab log cabin with the porch facing east. Choose a location that’s filled with trees so you’re tucked away in nature and closer to the things that recharge your batteries: birds, animals, bubbling streams. Peace and quiet.

And while there is a Paradise, Texas, you can also consider locating your cabin at a place that feels like paradise. Consider finding land lush with plants and flowers near Texas Hill Country’s wineries, where you can explore over 50 unique and beautiful wineries from Austin to New Braunfels. Venture out along the Wine Road 290 from Fredricksburg and set the pace slow and easy. When you’re done, retreat back into the woods for more birdsong and sleepy serenity.

The quality crafted cabin The Stag from Leland's Cabins in Texas.

Gone Fishin’

Maybe you’re not so interested in settling in for a good book in a quiet retreat but would rather use your cabin as a sportsman’s paradise. We can help with that too. If fishing and hunting activities are top priorities for your cabin use, we can show you custom cabin layouts that align perfectly.

Find a location that’s near a well-stocked lake—preferably one that’s a well-kept secret so you don’t have to compete for catches. Look for a spot along one of Texas’ picturesque rivers or near some of the 300 miles of Gulf Coast waters. Fishing opportunities abound in Texas. Or look for a cabin that’s not far from a designated hunting area. Once you have the land in mind for your sportsman’s getaway, talk to us.

Leland’s offers cabins that make perfect retreats for you and your buddies. Consider our two-bedroom The Brazos, which offers just the right amount of space for you to host a friend without breaking the bank.

Inspiration for Artists

If you’re using your pre-built cabin as an artist’s studio, consider locating it near communities that offer cultural events. Small towns in the countryside often have thriving gallery or theater scenes that can help spark your imagination or provide opportunities to showcase your talents.

You can have the best of both worlds by tucking your Leland’s cabin into a quiet meadow filled with flowers and trees so you have hours of uninterrupted time to paint, sculpt, write or design. But at the same time, you can bike or drive into a nearby arts scene to find inspiration and kindred souls.

For Texans, arts towns like Marfa feature thriving cultural scenes that rival bigger cities. Check out the amusing Prada Marfa installation that’s plunked down in the West Texas desert, explore Marfa’s many art galleries, and enjoy the “Marfa Lights” at night. Or try Round Top, between Austin and Houston on U.S. 290, where the Festival Hill music institute and the Shakespeare at Winedale program draw music and theater lovers.

A Tiny House Retreat

Backyard Office

And we know that while vacation time is wonderful, not all of our cabins are used for recreation. Leland’s custom cabins make perfect spaces to use as a home office or business. When the file cabinets in the bedroom start feeling a little awkward, when the work phone calls amid toddler tantrums make you feel unprofessional, Leland’s can swoop in with solutions.

Make good use of your property by putting up one of our prefab log cabins, and move all your office records and equipment there. Set up a space that allows you to work freely and efficiently, separating your work life from your home life. You might find that you use your time better, and when 5 o’clock rolls around, that you can leave it all behind until the next morning.

Using a Leland’s cabin for your business also allows you to have a space to sit down with clients that looks and feels professional. No sippy cups, no Legos to step on. You can feature sleek desks and leather chairs, have a kitchen for coffee and snacks, and offer a space that lets you focus on your clients and instills confidence and trust in your professionalism.

No matter where you spend your cabin time, Leland’s has the custom cabin to match your needs. Contact us today and let us know what you’re thinking. And stop by one of our Leland’s dealer locations and talk to our design specialists. We’ll show you what we can build. You just bring the imagination.

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